A Bigger House means Happier and Healthier Families

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When a child is hospitalized for an extended period of time, it can be stressful for the entire family. We go to great measures at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia to make sure that our patients, and the families of those patients, are as comfortable as possible. But when the family lives outside of Augusta - and can’t go home to sleep, to shower and change clothes, or to simply decompress - the stress can be unbearable. 

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Thankfully, for the past 28 years, families of our out-of-town pediatric patients have been treated with great care and compassion at the Ronald McDonald House located on Greene Street. One such example is the Curtis family, from Athens, Georgia, whose son Zaire was recently in our NICU for 291 days. They quickly became appreciative of the home away from home that the House provided their family during this difficult time. 


Zaire, who just turned one, is now thriving back in Athens. 


We are very excited to continue our partnership with Ronald McDonald House Charities of Augusta by helping them build a brand new House. The new House will have 22 guest suites, complete with a full kitchen, dining and living rooms, laundry facilities, and a game room for the siblings of our sick children. 


The best part of the new House is the location. It will be built on property located just 150 yards from the front doors of the Children’s Hospital of Georgia! Just imagine the incredible difference this will make to the families of our hospitalized children.


Please consider a financial contribution to help provide a home for those families whose children have been entrusted to our care; forthose families who are away from the comforts of their own home and who rely on our commitment to patient-and family-centered care.







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